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ATTENTION: To avoid any complications, we recommend you to download Zorin OS using Firefox as other browsers may corrupt the file and may cause errors. It is strongly advisable to do a full install of Zorin OS to enjoy its full potential as some features of Zorin OS may be less stable in Live mode.

The download files below are packaged in the .iso file format. To burn the .iso files to a blank DVD you need a burning program. You can use ImgBurn which is a free program. If you can't use DVDs, you can burn the .iso to a USB stick by using UNetBootin.
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Zorin OS 7.1 Core is the standard desktop version of Zorin OS.

Download 32 bit
Zorin OS 7.1
Core (1.5 GB)
Download 64 bit
Zorin OS 7.1
Core (1.6 GB)

MD5sums:             6d5dc6dac92087324bf95f578d1834e8   |  f1ee7ed74c9d4e3c9d7ac8f1fef80f52

Zorin OS 7.1 Lite is the streamlined version of Zorin OS for old and low-spec computers.

Download 32 bit
Zorin OS 7.1
Lite (786 MB)

MD5sum:                 5a733aecd07f86621155d61f363db789

Zorin OS 7 Educational is for educational purposes.

Zorin OS 7
Edu (2 GB)
Download Lite
Zorin OS 7
Lite (1.4 GB)

MD5sums:               2d1d53f12d6d966c8846c6e245aba77a   |   524a2cbd4acbecf40abb581ae8df108f

Disclaimer: Zorin OS includes some software (e.g. media codecs etc.) for countries whose legislation doesn't allow software patents to be enforced. It is your responsibility to know your own country's legislation. If you live in a country where the legislation recognizes software patents we ask use versions of Zorin OS without this non-free software here. Alternatively, you can remove the non-free software and replace the codecs with proprietary alternatives available here.

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